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2014-2015 NFL Playoffs: Wildcard, Semifinals, Conference Finals and Super Bowl Predictions For The AFC & NFC

The New England Patriots were my pick to win the Super Bowl at the beginning of the season

2014-2015 NFL Playoffs: Wildcard, Semifinals, Conference Finals and Super Bowl Predictions For The AFC & NFC

It's that time again! It's time for the NFL Playoffs!

While I'm disappointed because I was really hoping that my Buffalo Bills would FINALLY break out of their postseason drought and make a playoff appearance this year, it is still looking like it's going to be a very exciting playoff series this year!

Now that all of the seeding has been finalized, here are my picks for the playoffs!

AFC Playoff Predictions

Wildcard Games

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens
Indianapolis Colts vs Cincinnati Bengals

I like the Steelers over the Ravens as I think that triple threat punch of Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown is going to be too much for Baltimore. Not to mention the fact that Joe Flacco has looked absolutely horrible over the last several weeks. If Bell can't go, the Ravens may stand a slight chance but I think Bell goes and so does the Ravens. Go as in going home.

The Colts vs Bengals game is going to be interesting as you have two Quarterbacks who are pretty good, but have underperformed in the big game. We all remember that 4 interception meltdown that Luck gave us in New England. Dalton also has a history of choking when it matters. I think this game is going to come down to who is going to choke and I think that's going to be none other than Andy Dalton. Colts will win this one. Not to mention the fact that the last time these two teams played the Colts DESTROYED the Bengals 27-0. Sorry Aay Jay, I know you love your Bengals, but your team is going down this week! 

Conference Semifinals

New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts
Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The New England Patriots play the lowest seed team that wins and in this case that's going to be a rematch with the Indianapolis Colts. While I don't think Andrew Luck will have a meltdown like he had last year, I still think the Colts simply don't have the firepower necessary to beat a team as good as the New England Patriots. So I think they will be once again going home disappointed.

The Denver Broncos vs the Pittsburgh Steelers has the makings to be one of those classic games. Both of these teams are playoff tested and hungry and they both have a history of epic playoff games against each other. Don't forget, it was a Bronco team lead by Tim Tebow that defeated the Steelers a few years ago. While I think this game is going to be closer than many people might expect it to be, in the end I think the Broncos will pull it out.

AFC Championship

New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos

Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning. The winner goes on to play in the Super Bowl. What more do you need if you're a football fan? The last time these two teams faced each other in the playoffs, it was in Denver and the Broncos were victorious. The last time they played each other this year, it was in New England and the Patriots were victorious. So what's going to happen this year when these two teams played? This Patriot team was built to win the Super Bowl and in particular it was built to beat the Denver Broncos. They are much better at the corner to counteract the prolific offense and despite one of the toughest schedules, they pretty much ran through the AFC like hot butter. The Broncos will absolutely make a game out of this, but in the end the New England Patriots will go to the Super Bowl. 

NFC Playoff Predictions

Wildcard Games

Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions
Carolina Panthers vs Arizona Cardinals

Even though I'm waiting for Tony Romo to choke, I don't think it's going to happen in this game. Matthew Stafford flat out STINKS on the road. This dude is 0-16 on the road against teams with winning records. With one of the best offensive lines in the league and a triple threat package of Tony Romo, Demarco Murray and Dez Bryant, I really don't like the Lions chances in this one. My friend Lydia is going to be mad at me, but sorry dear, I got to go with the Cowboys on this one.

A lot of people are picking the Carolina Panthers because these dudes have been playing football as of late. Under normal circumstances, I think the Cardinals would crush them. Their defense has kept them in games all season. However, the bottom line is I don't even know who their Quarterback is! You can't win playoff football without a good Quarterback. Tim Tebow may have snuck a game in, but what eventually happened? They got demolished. I'm going with the Panthers in this one.

Conference Semifinals

Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina Panthers
Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys

The Seattle Seahawks are the Super Bowl champions. The Carolina Panthers had a 7 and 8 record and needed to go on a 4 game winning streak just to finish with a losing record. They stand no chance of winning this game, especially in one of the most hostile environments there is to play for a road team in football. I'm going with the Seahawks here and I believe this game is going to be over very fast.

The Packers vs the Cowboys though is going to be a completely different story. This is going to be a battle of epic proportions. I believe this game is going to be a very close game throughout with lots of back and forth between both teams. However, I said it before and I'll say it again. I am just waiting for the REAL Tony Romo to show up and blow a game and THIS is the game that I believe he will blow. The Cowboys put up an excellent run this year, however it all comes to an end in Lambeau Field

NFC Championship

Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

Here we go, the defending champs taking on the Packers lead by the "bad man" as Stephen A Smith likes to say, Aaron Rodgers.  The defending champs started out slow, but they poured it on big time towards the end of the season and now they are looking like they are in championship forum. However, unlike last year, where only the 49ers stood a chance, this year, there are two teams that I think can definitely beat the Seahawks if they played. One is the Dallas Cowboys. The other are these Packers from Wisconsin. The Seahawks would be the favorites and rightfully so. They are really tough to beat with the 12th man and they beat the Packers this year. However, the Packers historically are much better in the role of the underdog and not only would it not surprise me to see them pull it out, but that's exactly what I think is going to happen.

Super Bowl Predictions

New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers

Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers. Can you believe that the first time these two soon to be legends played each other was this year? I couldn't believe that myself, but it's true. I think the big difference in this game is going to be Aaron Rodgers. Even though he's one of the best pocket passers in the league today, a lot of people forget that this dude can also run with the football if he needs to. With an improved Patriots defense he may very well need to do that. The problem for Rodgers though is the Patriots are going to shut down his favorite weapons and he's going to have to rely on his secondary guys to get the job done. Although he was able to pull it off this year in the friendly confines of Lambeau, I don't think guys like Adams are getting 120 years again in the Super Bowl and for that reason, I believe the New England Patriots will win their first Super Bowl since "Spygate."

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Where Are All The REAL Men?

Where Are All The Real Men?

So I've been single now for a little over a year. During this time, I've had the opportunity to really observe the dating scene since I have been out of it for so long. One of the things I have quickly realized is that it is not difficult to set yourself apart. Many men have absolutely no clue how to interact with women. It's really sad to watch.

The following are just some observations that I've noticed over the last year. If you are a man and you are doing these things, stop it. You are absolutely ruining your chances of attracting a good woman into your life.

Real Men Know How To Meet Women & Have A Conversation

One of the first things that I have noticed is that many men have no clue how to meet women and have a conversation. I believe this is a product of technology and social media. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of these tools. However, some men seem to have completely lost the art of how to do this effectively.

First off guys, you really need to cut it out with the lame inbox messages that you are sending these women. Any woman that is at least mildly attractive on a social media site can share stories of some of the most pathetic attempts that men have made in their inbox. Propositioning a woman on social media that you don't know for naked pics is NOT the way to go about meeting women.

Ask her questions about herself. Identify areas of common interest and talk about them. Share stories from your life and your experiences.

This applies to in person too. The biggest mistakes I see guys make in person is they either are too afraid to approach and talk to a woman, or they immediate go into compliment and attack mode. Neither of those are going to work. 

If you don't know how to have a conversation, here's a good strategy. Start off by having conversations with people that you aren't interested in. They could be other men, women you aren't attracted to, children, and so on. By having lots of conversations you will build up practice and get good at it. Then, when it's time to have a conversation with a woman that you like, you will stand a better chance at being successful.

If you learn to have a conversation and learn how to build rapport and commonality, when it comes time to escalate to more romance geared interactions, it will be a thousand times easier. Women are not like men. We as men, we can see a woman, be attracted to her and we are instantly ready to escalate it romantically. Women aren't like that. A connection needs to be established first in most cases before they are ready for romance. 

Real Men Are Confident Not Desparate

Another trait that I have noticed is that some men really lack confidence and convey to women that they are desperate. This is very unattractive and you will blow your chances with a woman when you do this.

First off, don't flip out if a woman doesn't respond to you as fast as you would like her to. On social media, I see men saying things like "I see you read my message but didn't respond, are you ignoring me?" Dude, really??? Do you seriously think that is going to want to make a woman be more interested in you? It's not.

I've had women friends of mine tell me that guys have gotten mad at them because they didn't call them back in 15 minutes. Like all this woman is doing is sitting around waiting for this guy to call her. Cut it out and get over yourself bro!

I also see men get really upset because a woman turns them down for a date or they go on a couple of dates and she tells him that she wants to be friends. Some guys even go as far as to curse women out who do this! Big mistake!

There are many women today who are married to men who they initially turned down for a date. There are also many women who are married today to guys who they initially only wanted to be friends with. Also guys, guess what? Attractive women that aren't interested in dating you they have attractive friends that would be interested in dating you. If you are a good guy and treat her right, she would be more than happy to hook you up with one of her friends!

Real Men Are Decisive

Here is one of the WORST scenarios that I see played out time after time again...

WOMAN - So what do you want to do tonight?

MAN - I don't know what do you want to do?

WOMAN - I don't know what do you want to do?

MAN - I'm down for whatever.

UGH!!! I'm getting mad just writing this out! I understand that you want to be considerate of her feelings and all. However, if she is asking you repeatedly like that, she is asking you because she wants you to make the decision. So go ahead and make the decision!

If you ask a woman out for a date, you can ask her some questions to get an idea of what she likes. You obviously don't want to take her to a seafood restaurant if she is allergic to seafood. However, once you got enough information from her, go ahead and plan out the date.

The worst thing that can happen is she doesn't have a good time. However, I can tell you this from personal experience. I have planned out dates since I first started dating in college. I have NEVER had a woman that did not have a good time on a date with me. Even if it was something she never did before or wouldn't have personally selected she still had a good time.

It's not because I'm such an amazing guy to be with. It's because I'm DECISIVE and I know how to make a decision. That is what most women want, even if they don't admit it.

Give it to them.

Real Men Value Their Time

My friend Richard was on the train today and he heard a guy complaining about a woman he was dealing with. He was whining because he has been on 5 dates with a woman and she hasn't responded recently. 

This guy is an example of a man who doesn't value his time. 5 dates is MORE than enough time for a woman to show romantic interest in you if she is in fact interested. Value your time and move on. That doesn't mean that you cut her off and not be her friend anymore. However, it does mean that you may need to start going out on dates with other women.

It's even ok to date more than one woman at a time until you find someone that you want to commit to and wants to commit to you. Just don't be dishonest and deceitful about it. Most women understand that single means you are not in a committed relationship with anybody and understand if you're dating more than one person. Some of them are even dating more than one person themselves.

Some men talk to women on the phone and they allow the woman to do everything else but talk to them. If she's having conversations with a bunch of other people other than yourself, it's perfectly acceptable to tell her that she should call you back later when she is less busy. A woman will never respect and value you and your time as a man if you don't respect and value yourself and your time.

Real Men Know What They Want

Finally, real men know exactly what they want and they are focused on getting just that without settling. One of my friends Trevor, recently wrote a book called Never Settle: The Essential Guide to Finding and Keeping Your Ideal Mate. I highly recommend that you read this book, especially if you struggle with knowing what you want in a relationship.

Dating is a thousand times easier when you know exactly what you want. You don't have to waste a bunch of time with women that you have no interest in and women who have no interest in you. When I meet and date women, I work with a blueprint of exactly the type of woman that I'm looking to be with in my life. Dating allows me to find out if this woman is that type of woman or not. I learned this blueprint principle from Trevor.

I'm probably preaching to the choir here because the men that actually need to read something like this are probably not even reading this. However, I figure I would put it out there anyway hoping that the right person reads it and is able to take action on it. If you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to share it with your friends and on your social media profiles. Together, we will be able to find the real men! I know we are out there somewhere!

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2014 NBA Preview: NBA Playoffs Seeding And Championship Predictions

In my previous two posts, I shared with you my 2014 NBA Preview: Eastern Conference Top 8 Teams Playoff Seeding Predictions as well as my 2014 NBA Preview: Western Conference Top 8 Teams Playoff Seeding Predictions. Now it's time to see how I see the NBA playoffs and the NBA finals.

Let's start out with the Eastern Conference:

1. Chicago Bulls defeat 8. New Jersey Nets
2. Washington Wizards defeat 7. Charlotte Hornets
3. Cleveland Cavaliers defeat 6. New York Knicks
5. Miami Heat defeat 4. Toronto Raptors

The Bulls are significantly better than the Nets. Jersey stands no chance in a 7 game series. It would be a major accomplishment if they win a single game. The Washington Wizards clearly have the Charlotte Hornets outclassed in my opinion. I think the Hornets could steal a game, maybe two, but that's about it. Perhaps I might be biased, but I think The Knicks could get 2 games out of Cleveland, but I really don't see them beating a fully healthy Cavs team with Lebron. I see the Heat upsetting the Raptors in 7 games being lead by a playoff tested Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

1. Chicago Bulls defeat 5. Miami Heat
3. Cleveland Cavaliers defeat 2. Washington Wizards

I think Miami can get 2 games out of the Bulls. However, the Bulls just have too much firepower for the Heat to be able to defeat them without LeBron James. Even though I have the Wizards finishing higher than the Cavs, I believe that in a 7 game series, the Cavs will get the upper hand 4 games to 3.

1. Chicago Bulls defeat 3. Cleveland Cavaliers

This is going to be a hard fought series, but in the end, I believe The Bulls will beat the Cavs 4 games to 3 to make it to the NBA Finals

Now let's take a look at the Western Conference:

1. San Antonio Spurs defeat 8. Houston Rockets
2. Oklahoma City Thunder defeat 7. Dallas Mavericks
3. Los Angeles Clippers defeat 6. Memphis Grizzlies
4. Golden State Warriors defeat 5. Portland Trailblazers

The Spurs just have too much firepower and a legendary coach for the Rockets to be able to defeat them in a 7 game series. They may be able to get a game, but that's about it. I think the Mavericks are going to give Oklahoma City a run for their money. However, in the end, I see OKC winning 4 games to 3. I also think the Grizzlies are going to give the Clippers a run for their money as well. However, I think they will win 4 games to 3 in the end. The Warriors and Trailblazer series is going to be the best series in the playoffs. Every game will be close and the Warriors will win in 7.

1. San Antonio Spurs defeat 4. Golden State Warriors
2. Oklahoma City Thunder defeat 3. Los Angeles Clippers

Both of these series are going to be close. The Warriors should take at least 2 games from the Spurs if not 3. OKC and the Clippers are going 7 games. However, in the end, I believe the Spurs and the Thunder will prevail.

1. San Antonio Spurs defeat 2. Oklahoma City Thunder

This is going to go 7 games, however, I think the coaching of Gregg Popovich and the Spurs system will just be too much for the Thunder once again, even if everyone is healthy.

Here's my prediction for the NBA Finals

San Antonio Spurs defeat Chicago Bulls 4 games to 2. The Spurs just look like they are the best team in the NBA right now and even though the Bulls are dramatically improved, I don't think they have enough to defeat the Spurs yet.

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2014 NBA Preview: Western Conference Top 8 Teams Playoff Seeding Predictions

In my previous post, I shared with you my 2014 NBA Preview: Eastern Conference Top 8 Teams Playoff Seeding Predictions. Some of you were agreed with a lot of my rankings. There was definitely some controversy with my rankings, in particular my prediction regarding the Washington Wizards. Such is the fun of predictions!

Today I share with you how I believe the Western Conference is going to shake out. The defending champions, the San Antonio Spurs are back and ready to defend the title. Their team is pretty much intact so the question is will they be able to repeat as champs?

Here is how I see the Western Conference playing out:

Western Conference Top 8 Playoff Teams For 2014-2015 Season

8. Houston Rockets - The Rockets struck out big time in free agency not only losing out on the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes, but losing and/or trading away Parsons, Asik and Lin as well. However, they still have two solid All Stars in James Harden and Dwight Howard. With talent like that, it's tough not to at least make the playoffs even in a conference as stacked as the Western Conference.

7. Dallas Mavericks - The Mavericks definitely got better trading for Tyson Chandler and signing Chandler Parsons. They think their team is good enough to make it to the finals and they just might be. However, if they do, it's going to be because of how they play in the playoffs because in the regular season, I don't see them cracking the top 4 playoff seeds. The other teams are just too good.

6. Memphis Grizzlies - This is not a knock to the Grizzlies as I think they are a very good team. The problem though is the Western Conference is stacked and I think that there are a lot of other teams that are going to simply win more games. The main problem with this team is they simply lack offensive firepower and that's something that you're going to need in this conference if you want to get a top seed in this conference.

5. Portland Trailblazers - I like the chances of ANY team with two of the best youngest stars in the NBA as their one two punch. Damian Lillard has the clutch gene ALL over him. Steve Blake is a good piece to add and if LaMarcus Aldridge can make that next step up in the evolution of his game, I absolutely like this team's chances and would not be surprised to see them finish even higher than what I have them at.

4. Golden State Warriors - This team was already very good led by arguably the most dominant and explosive back court in the game with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Signing Shaun Livingston is going to be huge for them as that will help bring stability when Curry is turning the ball over too much. If Steve Kerr can make the successful transition to coaching and I believe he can, this is a team I would NOT look forward to playing on any given night.

3. Los Angeles Clippers - Some people may say that I have this team too low and that's a fair argument to make especially when "Lob City" has arguably the best point guard in the NBA (Chris Paul) and the best forward in the NBA (Blake Griffin) as well as the strong defensive presence of DeAndre Jordan. They definitely look stacked on paper and if they can translate that paper into action, those people who say I have them too low could be 100% correct.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder - Even though KD is out for several weeks, this team is STILL a problem in every way, shape and form when you look at them over the course of an entire season. Russell West "Beast" isn't exactly who I would go to if I'm looking for fashion advice. However, there are VERY few guards IF ANY in the NBA that I would rather have than him. This team is going to win a lot of games and I would be SHOCKED to see them finish anything lower than the top 3 seeds.

1. San Antonio Spurs - So the Spurs not only win the NBA Championship, but they absolutely DESTORY the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals only allowing the favorite team to win 1 game. They bring back practically EVERYBODY from last years team. Yet people are STILL doubting this team? I don't get it. The Spurs have without question the best coach in the NBA right now and arguably one of the best coaches to ever coach the game! The only team I could see personally finishing higher than them is the Thunder and with Durant out, I don't see that happening anymore. Definitely my pick for the #1 seed in the West.

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2014 NBA Preview: Eastern Conference Top 8 Teams Playoff Seeding Predictions

We are a few short weeks away from the start of another NBA season. The power has shifted in a BIG way, with LeBron James taking his talents back to Cleveland. On top of that, All-Star Kevin Love has also joined the ranks of the Cleveland Cavs. The Chicago Bulls also get better in a big way, getting former MVP Derrick Rose back and also signing Pau Gasol. Does the east have enough talent to take the championship away from the West this year?

Here in this 2014 NBA Preview, I break down what I believe to be the top 8 teams from each conference. I also offer my analysis on how I believe the playoffs will shape up. I will tell you who I think will end up playing each other in the playoffs. I will offer my playoff predictions. More importantly, I will tell you who I believe will eventually win the NBA title this year.

On top of that, I will attempt to do all of this without being completely biased to my BELOVED hometown favorite team, The New York Knicks! For those of you who know how much of an OBSESSED Knick fan I am, you know how difficult this will be for me!

Anyway, let's start off with the Eastern Conference

Eastern Conference Top 8 Playoff Teams For 2014-2015 Season

8. Brooklyn Nets - No Paul Pierce and no Shaun Livingston is definitely going to hurt this team. However, they do get Brook Lopez back and if he can actually last the entire season (that's asking a lot), this team can still ball. Joe Johnson can score, no doubt about that. The question is will the real Deron Williams stand up?

7. Charlotte Hornets - Lance Stephenson is a very good addition for this team. This team is a much better fit for him than Indiana was and I expect to see it in the form of increased production. I wouldn't be surprised to see him average 17 points per game, grab 7 rebounds per game and get 5 assists. However, he alone isn't going to be enough and while Charlotte should make the playoffs again, I don't see them doing much else.

6. New York Knicks - Everyone thinks that The Knicks are going to be horrible. I'm certainly not expecting miracles. However, I think The Knicks played a lot worse last year than they actually are. Even though Derek Fisher is a first time head coach, with Phil Jackson running the helm, I think this team is going to be better than people are giving them credit for. Carmelo Anthony is a beast, plain and simple and he will continue to be a beast under the triangle. Jose Calderon is definitely an upgrade over that bum, Felton. I think Amare is going to be even better this year than the flashes he showed last year. They won't be the 50 something win team they were two years ago, but I don't think they will be the 30 something win team they were last year. I have them for 45 wins.

5. Miami Heat - The Miami Heat can forget about getting back to the NBA finals now that the best player in the world has moved back home. However, they are still a playoff team. Dwayne Wade is old, but can still ball in spurts. With James gone, if Chris Bosh can go back to the Bosh from Toronto, this team is good enough to compete. Loul Deng is a VERY nice pickup for them and if Danny Granger can stay healthy, he is very intriguing off the bench.

4. Toronto Raptors - The Raptors are young and they can play ball. Kyle Lowry is a good young point guard and I see him only getting better this year. DeMar DeRozan is one of the best young scorers and the league and I only see him getting better as well. Jonas Valanciunas should only get better. The Raptors should win the Atlantic Division again.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers - Everyone is basically handing the Eastern Conference title to the Cavs with the additions of LeBron James and Kevin Love to team up with Kyrie Irving. Not so fast. This team looks VERY good on paper, I will admit that. However, there is a reason why the play the games. Kevin Love is NOT going to be the same player that he was in Minnesota. You saw what happened to Chris Bosh? The same thing will happen to Love. Their coach has never coached a game in the NBA and after the big 3 they really aren't particularly deep. The Cavs will definitely be a good team. However, I'm not ready to pronounce them the best team in the Eastern Conference just yet.

2. Washington Wizards - This is the team that people are sleeping on. John Wall can BALL and the scary thing is he's still a kid that hasn't even hit his prime yet! Plus he has addressed one of his biggest weaknesses and that is three point shooting. Bradley Beal can get buckets and the Wizards arguably have the best front court in the Eastern Conference with Paul Pierce, Nene Hilario and Marcin Gortat. While I know it would surprise a lot of people, it will not surprise me to see this team win 55 games and actually have a better regular season record than the Cavs!

1. Chicago Bulls - While everyone is hopping on the Cavs bandwagon, the Bulls are, in my opinion the team to be afraid of. Derrick Rose looks like he is back to MVP form. They've added Pau Gasol, who pairing with Rose is going to give defending teams fits! They still have Joakim Noah who is just a terrific player. They have the best coach in the Eastern Conference. If Derrick Rose stays healthy, this team is winning the #1 seed, plain and simple.

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Welcome To Roosevelt's World!

Welcome to my new blog! Roosevelt's World!

This blog is my personal blog where I will be sharing my thoughts, ideas and concepts that I want to expound upon.

Pretty much, anything that's too long for a Facebook post!

Roosevelt's world is going to be my home for all of my content that is not tied to one of my specific businesses. I currently own two businesses. I provide copywriting and marketing services to business owners. You can visit my business website by going to Roosevelt Cooper Consulting

I'm also training to become a professional fantasy sports player. In the process of doing that, I have launched a blog where I share my experiences and lessons learned on my journey. As I continue to grow and have success in the area of fantasy sports, in the future there will be informational products, coaching and seminars that you will be able to purchase to help you take your game to the next level. If you are interested in learning more about this, check out my blog at Fantasy Sports Professional

The goal for this blog is to simply provide an outlet to share my thoughts and ideas on a wide variety of different subjects and opinions.

One day, you might see me write about why Phil Jackson is the greatest basketball mind that ever lived and how he is creating the perfect system to finally deliver a championship to New York. In case you didn't figure it out by now, I'm a HUGE sports fan.

Another day, you might see me write about how to know the will of God for your life. I am a born-again Christian, a youth leader and a teacher of the Bible. As such, a blog like this is an excellent opportunity for me to share on topics related to the bible and Christian growth.

I am also a HUGE proponent of personal development and continuous improvement. So you may see articles related to how to get ahead in your career or business, how to improve your finances, articles about health and articles about relationships.

Pretty much, whatever I feel like I want to write about, that's the type of stuff you are going to read on this blog.

I hope you enjoy the content that I'm going to be sharing with you over the next several days, weeks, months and years to come!

I'm excited to bring it to you and I hope that you find value out of it, or at the very least you are entertained!